Contract Maintenance For Commercial Trucks in Flint & Detroit, Michigan – IdealMaintenance


Is Your Truck Maintenance A ‘Black Hole’
Devouring Your Firm’s Time & Resources??

Contract Maintenance From Idealease
Is A Better Way!!

The days when any mechanic could put a wrench to a truck and quickly fix any problem are long gone.  Quality truck maintenance that’s done quickly and right the first time requires not only special training and tools, but specialized training on a constant basis.  Not every firm can afford the time and investment required to meet the specific maintenance requirements of the modern truck fleet.

The Answer?  Contract Maintenance from Idealease of Flint & Detroit! 

Idealease has the facility, the specialized tools, computer equipment, and mechanics with the latest training to accomplish not only the specific service needs you have now, but to also perform preventive maintenance to head off problems before they occur.

With IdealMaintenance, you get all of the following:

  • Truck parts and labor
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Truck tire repair & replacement
  • State & federal inspections
  • Priority service at all Idealease locations
  • IdealSafe – Commercial truck safety & compliance training
  • IdealNet – 24/7 emergency commercial truck road service

IdealMaintenance customers may also choose other services including:

  • Substitute commercial trucks
  • Commercial truck washing
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Fuel purchase program

With IdealMaintenance from Idealease, your firm will enjoy:

Priority Truck Service

IdealMaintenance customers often see a significant improvement in truck downtime because of Idealease Priority Truck Service.  Most contract maintenance shops operate on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis which can mean long delays before they get to your truck.  IdealMaintenance customers get priority service because our Idealease work bays are dedicated to Idealease commercial truck customers only.  Diagnosis and repair start virtually the moment they are brought in for service. 

Preventive Maintenance

IdealMaintenance includes comprehensive preventive maintenance programs designed to head off potential problems before they can become a major issue.  Idealease tracks the trucks in your fleet and their PM intervals and contacts you when your truck is due for PM service.  PMs are also scheduled around our customer’s business hours in order to limit truck downtime.  Nearly all repair work is done in our Idealease location, unlike many competitors who outsource major work to third parties.  IdealMaintenace preventive maintenance programs satisfy state and federal annual inspections programs as well.

Mobile Truck Service

Idealease offers Mobile Truck Service through the use of a specially equipped service truck which can travel to an Idealease customer’s location to perform routine maintenance procedures at your site.  Your firm can enjoy the convenience of not having to send your truck and drivers to an Idealease location each and every time a repair or preventive maintenance procedure is due because Idealease is coming to you to get the job done.  Call or write us and ask one of our Idealease representatives for more information on Idealease Mobile Service.


Idealease of Flint & Detroit Earns ‘ONE Idealease’ Award Status AGAIN In 2018

The national organization Idealease has announced that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted its ONE Idealease Award once again for 2017 in recognition of its demonstrated excellence in commercial truck lease and rental.

Formerly called the ‘IdealGold Award’, the ONE Idealease Award was created to recognize Idealease locations that demonstrate excellence and are dedicated to success in the truck lease and rental industry.  This is the seventeenth time that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted this prestigious award reserved for top performing Idealease locations in North America.

Congratulations to all personnel of Idealease of Flint & Detroit on this significant achievement! 

To view the ONE Idealease award letter, click HERE