Idealease – Full-Service Truck Leasing, Contract Maintenance & Truck Rental in Michigan


In keeping with Tri-County International’s philosophy of being a ‘One-Stop Shop’ and giving truck users the widest possible range of options, Tri-County’s Idealease of Flint & Detroit affiliate offers all of the following as part of Tri-County’s complete offering:

  • Truck Rental, Short and Long Term
  • Full-Service Leasing
  • Contract Maintenance
  • And More!!!

Following below is a brief description of each offering and other services from Idealease which complement them. For more detailed information on each service, or to simply ‘Get Started’ with one or more, click on the drop-down link for the appropriate page (Truck Rental, Full-Service Leasing, or Contract Maintenance) under the heading ‘Lease/Rental’ above or simply click on the corresponding heading in the summary below to get to the corresponding service page you desire.

When your firm needs additional units to handle peaks in demand, or when replacement units are needed, IdealRental is an invaluable service that is there for you. Idealease of Flint & Detroit has a wide range of trucks including tractors, box trucks, and refrigerated trucks to help you manage those demand spikes, emergency situations and repair schedules you’re facing.

Trucks can be rented for commercial purposes for a single day, or months at a time. Our rates are very competitive and rental terms are designed to meet your specific needs.

Leasing is the choice for a growing number of firms in today’s challenging economic times. Outsourcing your truck fleet can allow your firm to focus on your core business and conserve needed capital. In addition to providing the equipment and maintenance, the Idealease Full-Service Lease can be tailored to include such services as fuel tax reporting, truck washing, licensing services, registration fees, fuel purchasing, and other value-added services.

Every Idealease Full-Service Lease includes IdealSafe, a nationally recognized safety and compliance program, and IdealNet, a 24/7 Breakdown Service which ensures that your trucks and drivers are only a phone call away from expert support and assistance.

IdealMaintenance – Contract Maintenance For Firms

For firms with their own trucks who struggle with the time, resources and investment required to maintain their own equipment, or who simply want to focus on their principal business mission, Idealease Contract Maintenance can make your life much, much simpler. You pass on all the maintenance responsibilities to industry experts focused on the maintenance task and let them schedule maintenance, track repair history, and perform all normal maintenance for the length of the contract.

All is provided to your firm at a cost that is consistent month to month, allowing you to accurately budget expenses years in advance.

IdealNet – Your 24/7 Safety Net

The 1-800-IDLEASE (435-3273) phone number gives your drivers instant access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to IdealNet – Idealease emergency breakdown service. IdealNet Service Coordinators direct them to the nearest Idealease location or to one of thousands of approved service providers in our nationwide network. Your repair problem will be given top priority, following guidelines defined by you, the customer, even providing roadside service if necessary.

Whether you own one truck or one thousand, IdealNet gives your firm access to competitive fleet pricing on parts and tires, allowing low contract pricing and, most importantly, the security of knowing You’re Covered!

IdealSafe – Safety & Compliance Assistance

Firms with trucks on the road are under great pressure to meet federal and state regulations which change on a regular basis. IdealSafe updates Idealease customer when regulations change through the monthly IdealSafe Newsletter. IdealSafe also offers several other services including:

  • D.O.T. Driver Certification and Facility Auditing
  • Driver Training Programs
  • Safe Driver Recognition Programs
  • Auditing of Driver Logs & Documentation
  • Drug Screening

Idealease is a national organization based in Illinois. To visit their website and gain more information about Idealease, click on the heading above.

Idealease of Flint & Detroit Earns ‘ONE Idealease’ Award Status AGAIN In 2017

The national organization Idealease has announced that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted its ONE Idealease Award once again for 2017 in recognition of its continuing demonstration operational excellence in commercial truck lease and rental.

Formerly called the ‘IdealGold Award’, the ONE Idealease Award was created to recognize Idealease locations that demonstrate excellence and are dedicated to success in the truck lease and rental industry. This is the sixteenth time that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted this prestigious award reserved for top performing Idealease locations in North America.

Congratulations to all personnel of Idealease of Flint & Detroit on this significant achievement!

To view the ONE Idealease award letter, click HERE

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