Full Service Truck Leasing For Medium & Commercial Trucks in Michigan


Has Owning & Maintaining Your Own Fleet
Become a Big Problem?

Full-Service Leasing from Idealease
Is the Best Answer!!

The time and expense necessary for a business to own and maintain its own fleet have grown considerably over the past decade.  Today’s trucks have become engineering marvels in order to give truck users the fuel economy and reliability they seek, and the ability to meet ever-increasing emission standards.  The costs of labor and training have grown as a result.  ‘Doing it all yourself’ is often now not the most cost-efficient answer and the best use of your firm’s time and resources.

Why should you lease a truck from Idealease of Flint & Detroit?

  • Leasing a truck is almost always the least expensive way to operate commercial trucks.
  • Leasing improves your company’s cash flow and helps maintain your firm’s lines of credit for other purposes.
  • Leasing allows you to focus on your core business and principal area of expertise.
  • Leasing affords you a steady, predictable expense for budgeting purposes.
  • Leasing allows your firm to adjust or diversify the makeup of your fleet as the market and your needs change.
  • Leasing can improve the attractiveness and reliability of your fleet which can improve your company’s image and positively impact driver productivity.

A Full-Service Truck Lease Includes All of the Following:

  • Getting you into the right truck and truck lease from the start
  • All maintenance and repairs are included, both parts and labor
  • Road service for each leased truck including towing, if needed
  • Replacement tires
  • Diesel fuel at a discount
  • 100% financing includes painting & lettering your truck to your specs
  • Commercial truck washing at your location to save you time
  • Free substitute lease truck from our rental fleet if yours is in for maintenance
  • All D.O.T. record-keeping
  • Safety program
  • Licensing and fuel tax reporting services

Allow Our Experts To Explain the Benefits & Show You How!

Our Idealease team is fortunate to have two experts in full-service leasing and its benefits that will come to your place of business and explain to you and your managers all of the details and answer all of your questions.  

Tim Rehberg – Lease Consultant

Phone: (313) 584-7090 ext 3453 

Idealease of Flint & Detroit Earns ‘ONE Idealease’ Award Status AGAIN In 2018

The national organization Idealease has announced that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted its ONE Idealease Award once again for 2018 in recognition of its demonstrated operational excellence in commercial truck lease and rental.

Formerly called the ‘IdealGold Award’, the ONE Idealease Award was created to recognize Idealease locations that demonstrate excellence and are dedicated to success in the truck lease and rental industry.  This is the seventeenth time that Idealease of Flint & Detroit has been granted this prestigious award reserved for top performing Idealease locations in North America.

Congratulations to all Idealease personnel on this significant achievement! 

To view the ONE Idealease award letter, click HERE