Founded in 1982, Idealease has grown to over 400 locations across North America with a fleet of over 45,000 trucks, tractors and trailers.  As a result, Idealease is very interested and involved in promoting their safe and efficient operation. 

To help further that end, Idealease publishes a weekly ‘Safety Bulletin‘ which addresses a wide variety of issues that impact firms and drivers in the operation of their leased, rented and owned vehicles.

Click on the date preceding each highlight blurb for a look at the complete Safety Bulletin for that particular week.


02.26.16 Driver Background Investigations
Here are the inquiries that are required to be completed for a driver who has applied to drive a commercial motor vehicle per the FMCSA regulations.

02.19.16 Warm Weather and Spring Are Coming!
April 11-15 is 2016 National Work Zone Awareness Week; 10 tips for driving safely in work zones; How tire safety is an important part of the driver’s daily Pre- and Post-Inspections

02.12.16 Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Regulation Summary
On December 10, 2015, FMCSA announced it final rule requiring the adoption and use of electronic logging devices by all drivers.  This is a summary of the rule’s main points.

02.05.16 Are You Driving With “Tunnel Vision” This Winter?
Advice about clearing windshields of winter weather; What you can do to guard against prescription drug use within your vehicles; and How often is a motor carrier required to review a driver’s record?

01.29.16 Registration Is Open For 2016 Safety Seminars
Plus, are you at risk of heart disease?; Recognizing a stroke; How to Prevent Overhead Damage to your truck.

01.22.16 Are You Sharing A Driver With Another Company?
Multiple issues for companies that share drivers, how they affect your observation of regulations and more.

01.15.16 SMS – Safety Measurement System
The revised CSA Safety Measurement System is now available for public view; FMCSA proposes new rules for safety fitness of carriers; FMCSA sends pre-rulemaking notice on sleep apnea to OMB;  National Transportation Safety Board releases 2016 ‘Most Wanted’ list for trucking; New Disclosure and Authorization form for Pre-Employment Screening Program; Fuel additive use during cold weather.

1.8.16 Frequently Asked Questions – Regulation FAQS
Various questions about regulations concerning leasing, hours of service, vehicle documentation, securing cargo, CDL license requirements, security threat clearance for hazardous material hauling, and more.

11.20.15 NTSB Issues Recommendations re Synthetic Marijuana/Don’t Crowd The Plow/ & Holiday Driving Tips & the 3 Point Rule For Entering & Exiting A Truck
A Texas truck crash involving synthetic marijuana has Feds looking at rules.  Be very aware of the dangers of synthetic marijuana which, though legal, can have severe effects on a driver’s ability to drive.
Also, tips to sharing the road with snowplows and other holiday driving tips.

11.13.15 Why Pedestrians Need Your Driver’s Attention – Tips & Advice On Driving w Pedestrian Traffic
The importance of respecting pedestrian traffic, communicating with them and avoiding accidents involving them is thoroughly discussed.

11.06.15 Protecting the Truck During Cold Weather
Tips and discussion of the use of diesel fuel additives when the temperature drops below freezing.  Also, FMCSA delays final ruling on electronic logging devices, and State of Georgia to launch year long emphasis on enforcement.

10.30.15 How Drivers Can Impact Tire Cost & Safety
Loads of information about keeping tires safe and saving money on tires. Plus, November 1-8 is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. 

10.23.15 Prevent Driver Injuries In Fall & Winter!
Slip and fall injuries are the most common for drivers.  Here’s tips to prevent them.  Also, ‘tricks’ to driving safely on Halloween. Finally, sleep apnea testing for drivers possibly coming to FMCSA.

10.16.15 A Driver With Outside Employment Could Severely Impact Your Company’s Liability & Exposure
When a driver has an outside job unknown to his primary employer, you, it can mean he is out of compliance with hours of work…and impact you!

10.02.15 2015 International Roadcheck Results Released
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released the results of its annual safety and enforcement outreach event, International Roadcheck, on September 29th.  Nearly 70,000 inspections were held.  The inspections found 1,623 driver violations (3.6%) and 9,932 vehicle violations (21.6%).  Also, FMCSA will delay the Unified Registration System for up to a year and the 34-Hour Restart Enforcement has been delayed until a final report is submitted to Congress by the end of the year.
09.25.15 Preparing For The Cold Weather Ahead!
Temperatures will soon be below freezing.  Here’s a list of additive/supplements to your diesel truck’s fuel system and when they should be used.  Also, here are 17 items that should be part of your truck’s ‘winter survival kit’.  Also, it’s deer collision season!  These accidents kill 150 people and injure another 29,000, and cause over a billion dollars in vehicle damage.  Be on the lookout!

09.18.15 October 4-10 is Fire Prevention Week
FMCSA regulations require that all commercial vehicles have a fire extinguisher on board that is the right size and type, properly secured, and labeled.  Some notes on extinguisher types.  Tips on what to do when a fire occurs and what you can do to prevent the likelihood of a fire.  Also, it’s recommended to have a working fire alarm in every bedroom. Electronic logging and other rules have been delayed in the latest DOT agenda.  Finally, the SAFE truck bill has been introduced, proposing an increase from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 load pounds.

09.04.15 Driver Sober Or Get Pulled Over – Labor Day Weekend Law Enforcement Crackdown
Tips for driving safely in this week of crackdown law enforcement looking for drunk drivers.  Also, the week of Sept 6-12 is “Brake Safety Week”.  Eleven steps of the inspection procedure to be used by CVSA inspectors are listed.

08.21.15 CVSA Brake Safety Week September 6-12,2015Operation Airbrake is a comprehensive campaign designed to help educate drivers and technicians on brake safety, encourage brake safety compliance, and enforce the regulations designed to ensure safe operation.  Includes ten things you need to know about commercial vehicle brakes.  Also: how to conduct yourself when pulled over by law enforcement, and what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches.

08.14.15 Back To School Safety Is A Must!
School will soon be in session again.  Pedestrian-vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death for children aged 5 to 14.  Here are ten tips for driving safely in back-to-school times.  Also, some companies are reporting that a number of states are not releasing drivers’ motor vehicle records in sufficient time for carriers to make the required CDL verifications.  A link is provided for state by state instructions for submitting medical certificates to the state driver licensing agencies.

08.07.15 Cargo Securement Regulations Apply To All Commercial Trucks!
Cargo securement regulations do not just apply to flatbed carriers.  Seven things you should know about the regulations concerning cargo securement.  Also, the top twenty cargo securement out-of-service violations from 2014.  Finally, links for the U.S. and Canadian Cargo Securement Regulations.

07.31.15 California Biennial Inspection of Terminal Program Changes Effective 1-1-16/Brake Violations
The department shall adopt rules and regulations establishing a performance-based truck terminal inspection system, consistent with those of the FMCSA.  Also, a brake out of adjustment is the highest frequency violation during a roadside inspection.  Tips to keep your brakes in adjustment through your pre-trip inspection.

07.24.15 The Food Modernization Safety Act & Keeping Product Cool In The Summer
All about the Act and tips about keeping the product cool by keeping the compartment clean, by loading and unloading properly, and by extensive preventive maintenance to stop problems before they mean a repair bill and a truck out of service.

07.17.15 Hypertension and Drivers – Multiple Messages About Hypertension & Drivers
The three stages of hypertension, how each affects driver qualification, tips to control hypertension, and more.  Also. July is UV Protection Month…get a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes!

07.10.15 Brake Safety Week of September 6-12, 2015 Summarized and Explained
Also, CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) conducts unannounced brake inspections each year in the Spring.  A link is provided to look at 2014 results.

06.26.15 Have a Safe 4th of July Weekend & What Are You Doing To Retain Your Best Drivers?
In addition to safety and security measures for the dealership, ten tips for retaining your good drivers are presented.  Also, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published the final rule requiring electronic stability control systems on truck tractors and certain buses with weight greater than 26,000 pounds.

06.12.15 School Is Out…Watch For Kids!!
Please use extra caution when you’re in areas children may be present.  Also, is it time to clean the cab of your truck?  Many who do so, find things which violate CSA regulations.  Also, U.S. House passes bill affecting enforcement of the 34-hour restart rule. Finally, FMCSA adopts procedures to safeguard confidential business information.

06.05.15 The Six Most Common CSA Violations & ‘Red Flag’ Driver Violations
Text explains the six most common CSA violations, their statistical percentage of the whole, and the number of points that is assessed upon them.  Also, when investigating a motor carrier, safety investigators look for egregious driver violations.  Here are twelve primary examples.

05.22.15 Cross Referencing Your Data Can Pay Off In A Big Way!A variety of data that should be cross referenced to make sure your safety program is complying with FMCSA regulations is presented.  Also, a driver with other compensated work outside of your employment can have a significant impact on your company’s liability exposure and compliance.

05.15.15 RoadCheck 2015 Coming June 2nd – 4th, What Training Can I Provide My Drivers To Prevent Brake Adjustment Violations?
For a complete set of Pre-trip and Post-trip instructions, refer to the cover of the IL-700 booklet in each Idealease vehicle.  Also, CVSA release revised medical-card enforcement bulletin.

05.08.15 Be Aware Of Synthetic Cannabinoids
Thought DOT drug tests do not yet test for synthetic marijuana, it is now a controlled substance, and as such, motor carriers must prohibit its use by drivers even if it is not tested for at the moment.  Also, the FMCSA proposed a rule change on May 4th to allow drivers with ITDM – Insulin-Treated Diabetes to drive with a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.  Also, recent storms bring flooding conditions to be wary of.  Turn around when you see a flooded road, don’t drown!

05.01.15 Appendix G of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Defines ‘Safety Sensitive’ Defects
The elements that should be included in all drivers’ pre-trip daily inspection are covered.  Also, the FMCSA is considering the creation of a ‘Beyond Compliance’ program that evaluates the impact of voluntary implementation of best practices and technology.

04.24.15 Improving Driver Health – A Wealth of TipsIncluding ‘Eating Right’, controlling high blood pressure; exercising on the road; heart and stroke attack warning signs.  Also, how to obtain your PIN to see your drivers’ inspections, violations and crashes.  Also, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

04.17.15 How To Conduct Yourself When Pulled Over By Law Enforcement
Recommendations on how to respond and cooperate with the police.  Also, what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching, and safe driving tips for Summer time weather conditions.

04.10.15 Tire Safety & Fuel Savings Go Together!
Statistics on impact on fuel economy from running with tires at less than optimal air pressure.  It cost you, big-time.  Also, how to read the age of a tire.  And a list of service conditions that call for tire replacement.

04.03.15 April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month!
Did you know that your brain can miss up to 50% of your driving environment when you talk on a cell phone?  Did you know that drivers talking on cell phones had slower reaction times than drivers with a .08 blood alcohol content?

03.27.15 National Strategy On Highway Safety Toward Zero Deaths
The TZD national Strategy On Highway Safety brings together stakeholders in areas such as engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency medical services, all with a vision to eliminate traffic fatalities.

03.20.15 Driving Under the Influence – Of Allergy MedicineSome over-the-counter allergy drugs can seriously impair your ability to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle. A partial list of medications that have this potential is provided.  Also, a bill is proposed to allow hair-testing as an alternative for drug and alcohol testing.  Finally, Roadcheck 2015 takes place June 2nd thru 4th, 2015.

03.13.15 International Roadcheck 2015 Will Take Place June 2-4, 2015Roadcheck, the largest targeted enforcement program for commercial vehicles in the world will take place the first week of June.  Over ten thousand inspectors will be employed.  Links are provided for CSA resources and more information on the types of inspections that will be conducted.  Also, best practice guidelines for roadside inspections are provided and five serious violations added to the FMCSA CSA Spreadsheet are discussed.

03.06.15 A Parking Lot May Be The Most Dangerous Place On Your Route!
Reasons why parking lot accidents occur and what drivers should be doing to avoid them.  Also, the anticipated release of new rules concerning Electronic Logging Devices is set for September 30th, 2015.

03.03.15 ‘Right Of Way’ – Questions You Should Ask Drivers – Tips For Drivers
Also, don’t drive with ‘tunnel vision’ caused by failure to clear the whole windshield; FMCSA pushes back timetable for important rulings; Commercial drivers being recruited for ‘Restart’ study.

02.20.15 Warmer Weather and Construction Zones Are Coming – Ten Tips For Driving In Work Zones
Also, tire safety and inspection is an important part of the pre- and post-trip inspections.  Also, the top twelve driver violations according to the FMCSA.

02.13.15 How Often Is A Motor Carrier Required To Review Driver Motor Vehicle Records?Also, likelihood of an accident based on certain violations.  And ‘Are you using the Pre-Employment Screening Program?

02.06.15  Feb is Heart Month: Are You At Risk For Heart Disease?
Learn about your risk. Cardiovascular disease is the nation’s #1 killer.  Also, tips on how to recognize a stroke and also how hours of service regulations apply to drivers who act as salespeople.

01.30.15  What Are The Regulation Requirements Regarding Road Inspection?
From both a driver and company perspective.  Also, change to requirement to carry medical certification cards and a bulletin issued regarding sleep apnea requirements and treatment.

01.23.15  Are You Sharing Your Driver With Another Company?
How the FMCSA addresses the use of a driver by multiple employers.

01.16.15  Technicians & Drivers – Do You Have A Career Path For Your Employee?
Reduce turnover, retain valued employees and recruit with a career path.  Also, the use of a horn in a commercial motor vehicle and what the FMCSA says about marijuana despite its legalization in many locales.

01.09.15  How To Avoid Overhead Damage To Your Truck and Trailer
Eight tips to keep your truck and trailer intact.  Also, answers about fuel additive use during cold weather conditions and the benefits of using fuel supplements.

12.19.14  Obama Signs Bill Into Law That Reverts Hours Of Service 34-Hour Restart
Back To Prior Version
Also, it’s time to finalize your accident documentation for 2014 and FMCSA announces intention to establish a rulemaking committee regarding minimum training requirements for entry-level commercial drivers.

12.15.14  Congress Passes Bill Revising 34-Hour Restart Hours Of Service Regulation

12.12.14  FMCSA Issues Final Ruling That Trims Truck Inspection Paperwork Requirement

12.05.14  Proactive vs Reactive Safety and Loss Control Program…Which Do You Have?
Accident frequency rates can be calculated by multiplying the total number of accidents by one million and then dividing by the total number of miles for the same period. That’s just the start of what your overall safety analysis program should include. Also, how alcohol affects a driver and the consequences of drinking and driving, including the loss of a driver’s CDL license.

11.24.14  Don’t Crowd The Snow Plow
Tips on driving in snowy conditions, for the holiday season and in today’s busy parking lots.

11.14.14  Are You Aware Of The Short Haul Provisions in the FMCSA Hours of Service Regulation in CFR 395?
If you operate a commercial vehicle that does not require a CDL license, your drivers can keep time records in lieu of a grid log, allowing them to complete the day’s work without keeping a log book current to the last change of duty status.

11.07.14  This Is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week
Drowsy driving kills more than 1,550 Americans per year.  Warning signs and tips how to prevent it.  Also, tips on fuel additives to prevent diesel fuel gelling in cold weather.

10.31.14  How Drivers Can Impact Tire Cost and Tire Safety
Next to fuel, tires have been and will continue to be the #1 maintenance issue.  Here’s ways your drivers can positively make an impact on this important issue.

10.24.14  Do I Need A CDL To Operate That Truck?
FMCSA regulations on this issue. Also, FMCSA releases 2014 pocket guide to large truck and bus stats; FMCSA awards $1 million to help train veterans as drivers; FMCSA end pilot program with Mexico; and ‘What are the odds?’ – undesirable odds concerning speeding, driving while drowsy, aggressive driving, and taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds.

10.17.14  It’s Time To Talk To Your Drivers About Winter Driving Conditions!
Twelve driving tips in winter weather conditions.  Also, ten tips to follow concerning your vehicle.

10.10.14  Have You Updated Your MCS 150 In The Last Two Years?
Failure to comply can result in the deactivation of a US DOT number and a civil penalty of up to $1,000 a day, but not to exceed $10,000.  Also, a number of FMCSA updates.

10.03.14  Operation Safe Driver Week Is October 19-25, 2014
Heightened traffic enforcement for all drivers that week.  Also, ‘How do DOT drug and alcohol tests relate to non-DOT tests? U.S. House of Representatives introduced bill to remove CSA scores from public view. 

09.27.14  Prepare For The Cold Weather Ahead!
Tips on the usage and brands of diesel fuel additives for cold weather.  Recommendation for a ‘cold weather kit’ every vehicle should have.  Finally, it’s deer season.  Watch out!

09.19.14  Have You ‘Bought Into’ Safety?
Thirteen valuable tips for establishing safety among your drivers are offered.  Also, make sure all reflective surfaces are working as designed.  And FMCSA amends new entrant rules for the Safety Assurance Program.

09.12.14 Week of Sept 8-12 Driver Appreciation Week; Oct 5-11 Fire Prevention Week
Review your driver award and recognition programs!  It’s good business.  Things a driver has to know about fires and extinguishers; Emergency equipment requirements for trucks; What you can do to prevent the likelihood of a fire in your vehicle.

08.29.14  Driver Sober Or Get Pulled Over – National Labor Day Enforcement Crackdown
Thirteen tips are offered to enable all drivers to drive safely over Labor Day weekend. Also, a reminder of Brake Safety Week the week of the 7th with an 11-step procedure for conducting an Air Brake Safety Inspection.

08.22.14  Brake Safety Week: September 7-13, 2014
Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe commercial motor vehicle operation. Loads of information and suggestions to keep your truck’s brakes operating in the safest manner possible.

08.15.14  The Food Safety and Modernization Act
Each year, 128,000 people get sick from contaminated food.  Three thousand die.  The FSMA established requirements for the design and maintenance of vehicles.  These are discussed and ten tips are offered to keep temperature controlled successfully.

08.01.14 Work Zone Awareness!
Ten tips for driving safely in work zones.  Also, FMCSA announces changes to SMS website.

07.25.14 July Is UV Protection Month
Truck drivers should het sunglasses with UV protection to preserve their eyes and sight.
Also, rules on sample collection for drug testing have changed. Also, Canadian Customs announced changes to Trusted Traveler/Trusted Trader program to strengthen commerce between Canada and the U.S.

07.18.14  Are Your Drivers Fit For The Road?
Ten tips to help protect your company from liability exposure by employing an unfit driver.  Also, having a valid medical certificate does not prevent liability if the driver has a medical condition making him/her unfit. Also, hypertension (high blood pressure) and drivers, the 3 stages and certification, and six recommendations for drivers to help control hypertension.

07.11.14  Heat and Your Truck
Fifty percent of all engine failures are associated with an overheat condition of the engine. Tips about using ELC antifreeze.  Tires: Heat is to tires what kryptonite is to Superman.  Four tips to reduce tire related issues.  Also, a number of reports from the FMCSA’s Office of Analysis, Research and Technology have been published.

06.27.14  Protecting Your Employees From The Heat
Eight symptoms of heat stress/exhaustion and eight tips for preventing it.  Also, the importance of “cross referencing” the data you have to report to and comply with FMCSA regulations.

06.20.14  “Red Flag” Driver Violations
Here are the twelve ‘Red Flag Violations’ a Safety Investigator looks for when researching driver history as part of a carrier investigation.  Also, a link to the Pre-Employment Screening Program, a screening tool that allows carriers and drivers to purchase driving records from the FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

06.13.14 The Six Most Common CSA Violations and How To Prevent Them
Also, the warning signs of heat stroke and 8 things you can do to prevent it.

06.06.14  Time For Spring Cleaning – What’s In The Cab Of Your Truck?
A review of the regulations for things on the dash and in the cab.  Also, a number of Internet links to guide drivers safely through hurricane season.

05.23.14  An Aging Driver Force – A Contributor To the Looming Driver Shortage
The average age of truck drivers in the U.S. is over 50 years.  Suggestions as to determine when is the time to ‘ask for the keys’.  Also, a reminder that Roadcheck America, the largest targeted enforcement program in the world runs June 3-5.

05.16.14  New National Registry of Certified Medical Examiner Regulation Starts 5/22/14.
Also, Roadcheck America is coming June 3rd-5th.  Here are tips to deal with roadside

05.09.14  Let’s Share The Road!
If we respect traffic laws and all other vehicles, everyone will be better off. Eighteen tips to prevent ‘backing up’ accidents, among the highest frequency of occurrence.

05.02.14  May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Multiple tips for sharing the road with motorcycles and their drivers.  Also, safe driving tips for Summertime weather conditions.  Roadcheck America coming June 3-5, 2014.

04.25.14  Driving Under the Influence – Of Allergy Medicine
An antihistamine commonly used in over-the-counter allergy medicines contain diphen-
hydramine which has more impact on driving performance than alcohol does.  Take the warning “Do not operate heavy machinery”…literally. Also, how to get your PIN –
personal id # for US Dot.

04.18.14  National Tire Safety Week is June 1-7
All kinds of tips about ensuring the safety of your truck’s tires. Also, recommendations about driving in flooding conditions safely, plus a reminder about Roadcheck America coming up June 3-5.

04.11.14  Seat Belt Usage
A host of facts, myths and recommendations about your truck drivers and their use of seat belts.

04.04.14  What the FMCSA Says About Recreational Use Of Marijuana
Also, the FMCSA has relaunched the Pre-Employment Screening Program PSP website with a new design. ( And Roadcheck, the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world is coming June 3rd-5th.

03.28.14  How To Conduct Yourself If Pulled Over By Law Enforcement
A series of tips advising drivers how to handle a traffic stop from the time the drivers sees flashing lights to the end of the stop and beyond.  Also, what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching.

03.21.14 Proposed Regulation For Electronic Logging Device Is Released
Requirement would affect commercial truck and bus companies engaged in interstate travel.  Also, allergy medicines and other legal drugs that can impair a drivers ability to perform safely.

03.14.14 Best Practice Guidelines For Roadside Inspections – Train Your Drivers!
Also, Roadcheck America, largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world is coming June 3rd-5th.  Also, DOT is proposing requiring interstate commercial trucks and buses use electronic logging devices for hours of service.

03.07.14 New Driver Background Investigation Requirements
Past employment inquiries and investigations are required by the FMCSA.  Also, get your PIN to review the FMCSA CSA program.

02.28.14  May 21st Deadline To Use Certified Medical Examiner for DOT Physicals
Also, March is National Nutrition Month. Here’s a number of tips to “Enjoy the taste of nutrition.”

02.21.14  Warm Weather Coming, But Keep Sharp Behind the Wheel!
Also, ten tips for driving safely in work zones; the ‘Big 12’, most common driver violations.


02.14.14  Are You Driving With Tunnel Vision This Winter?/Prescriptions & CMV Driving Do Not Always Mix/FMCSA CSA Safety Measurement Identifies At-Risk Firms
50% of drivers admit to not clearing all their windows of snow & ice. Highway patrols are looking for it.  Also, tips to guard against prescription drugs that violate FMCSA rules, the Safety Measurement System identifying at risk companies and a link to the full report.

 02.07.14 Do You Have A Career Path For Your Employees?
Getting and keeping mechanics and drivers is essential.  Find here recommendations on how to make a ‘career path’ tied to training and performance that keeps the good ones.

01.31.14 New and Proposed FMCSA Regulation Update!
New proposals covering a wide range of topics including hours of service, drug testing, medical cards, electronic logging, entry level training, speed limiters, and more.

01.24.14  More of the Same Arctic Cold – How To Protect Your Truck / Cold Weather Additives.

01.17.14  Protecting Your Driver and Truck During Extreme Cold Conditions
Tips for protecting both driver and truck from the extremes of winter cold.

12.20.13  How Long Do I Have To Keep Records & Documents Required By FMCSA?

12.13.13  Registration for 2014 Safety Seminars Open; Weather & Road Conditions Link

12.06.13  Proactive vs Reactive Safety and Loss Control Program – Which Is Yours?
Also, advice concerning steering clear of snow plows while in operation and what the FMCSA says about recreational marijuana.

11.22.13 Nov 22nd – CDL Drivers Must Provide State With Medical Examiner Certificate
Also, parking lot accident exposure increases during the holidays, and follow the 3-point rule in entering and exiting trucks!

11.15.13 November 15th – Short Haul Provisions for Hours of Service
If you operate a commercial vehicle that does not require a CDL license, your drivers can utilize a provision to the regulations to allow them to keep time records in lieu of a grid log.

11.08.13 November 8th – Communicating With Other Drivers & Pedestrians While Driving
Multiple tips about the proper use of turn signals, emergency signals, the horn, headlights, etc.  Also, a preview of proposed enhancements to the FMCSA’s SMS website.

11.01.13 November 3 – 10 Is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week
The warning signs of drowsiness/fatigue.  What you can do to stay alert.  Also, how to deal with aggressive drivers.

10.25.13 Halloween Driving ‘Tricks’ To Keep Everyone Safe
Tips for not only truck drivers but supervising parents also for keeping trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween.  Also, twelve steps for safer winter driving, facts about current CDL rules and a reminder to check your tire chains and laws concerning them.

10.18.13  Does Your Driver Have Another Part Time Job?
A driver’s part time job could push him over hours of service regulations, jeopardizing your operation and exposing your firm to liability.  Also, info about FMCSA regulations on alcohol and tips to recognize a drunk driver.

10.11.13  Operation Safe Driver Week Coming / Register w FMCSA / Sleep Apnea
Local, state and federal officials will be stepping up enforcement of carrier safety laws across North America October 20-26th.  Also, update your carrier registration with FMCSA ever 2 years. Finally, new legislation regarding sleep apnea in drivers is coming soon.

10.04.13  Preparing For Fall & Winter Driving – Tips For Driver & Vehicle
Also, new regulations to reduce truck-train crashes and safety tips for drivers.

09.27.13 How Long To Keep Records Concerning Federal Safety Regulations
Also, consider offering drivers and technicians a career path to aid retention, and ten tips to help avoid collisions with animals on the road. 

09.20.13 Fall Brings Great Weather Changes Which Dramatically Affect Driver Visibility
Nine tips for driving in low visibility conditions; plus FMCSA regulations require a motor carrier to obtain and review a new driver’s record within the first 30 days of employment and at least once every twelve months thereafter.

09.13.13 October 6-12 Is Fire Prevention Week / September 15-21 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Among the things covered: Fire extinguisher requirements in a truck; Eight actions a driver should take in case of a truck fire; Six tips to prevent a truck fire; Roadcheck 2013 Results (24% of all trucks inspected in U.S. and Canada were found with out-of-service violations.

08.30.13 Labor Day Safety! Law Enforcement Will Be Cracking Down On Drunk Driving
Also, 13 driving tips for safety on driving safely on vacation trips this holiday weekend.

08.23.13 Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept 15-21st
Also about Driver Recognition Awards and medical exams for driver certification.

08.16.13 Prepare NOW for Brake Safety Week – September 8-14
Bendix, a preferred Idealease supplier, has specific recommendations for drivers about pre-trip brake inspections.

08.09.13 Night Driving and News Re Fraudulent USDOT Letters To Obtain Bank Info
More accidents than any other time of day. Read seven factors that make night driving more difficult and eleven tips to help alleviate them and drive more safely at night.  Also, beware of a round of fraudulent USDOT letter that went out to motor carriers dated July 10, 2013 in an attempt to obtain banking information.

08.07.13 Special Edition: Proposed Exemption of Short Haul Drivers From Mandated 30 Minute Rest Break Provision

08.02.13 Back To School Safety – Ten Tips For Operating In School Season
Also, the US Transportation Secretary has proposed a rule change that would eliminate the requirement for the filing of pre- and post-trip inspections when there is no repair issue. A link is provided to give your opinion.

07.26.13 Driver Record Review and Ten Tips for Driving Safely In Work Zones
How often is a motor carrier required to review the record of a commercial driver? What are best practices regarding monitoring violations? Are you using the PSP – Pre-Employment Screening Program?

07.19.13 North American Fatigue Management Website Is Launched / Heat & Your Truck
The US’ FMCSA and Canadian Department of Transport collaborated to create a website resource for truckers to help reduce driver fatigue.  Also how heat affect your truck and driving conditions with tips for engine coolant and tires in hot weather.

07.12.13 Brake Safety Week Coming Sept 8-14; Hire a Veteran As Driver; Hands Only CPR

06.28.13 New Hours of Service Regulations Take Effect Monday, July 1st!

06.21.13 Today is the first day of Summer & the HEAT is on!
How Summer heat affects tires.  Tips for minimizing heat damage.  Tips for choosing the right sunglasses.

06.07.13 New Hours of Service Regulations Take Effect July 1st, 2013
A short summary of the changes taking effect plus an article about how NTSB is suggesting CDL requirement for trucks under 26,000 lbs.

05.24.13 An Aging Driver Force
Factors and statistics about the looming truck driver shortage.  Also, seven suggestions concerning ‘when to take the keys away from a truck driver’.

05.17.13 Roadcheck 2013 Is Coming June 4-6!
Information about the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world.

05.10.13 Turn Around, Don’t Drown/What Is Considered A Speed Violation By FMCSA?
More deaths occur due to flooding than any other thunderstorm-related hazard.  Ten tips to follow when a driver encounters a flooded road.  Also, what is considered a speed violation by the FMCSA?

05.03.13 May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month/Driver Daily Inspection
Steps are listed to help motorists to become ‘more aware’ of motorcyclists on the road.  Also, detail about truck driver pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections.

04.26.13 Improving Driver Health
Includes: Rules for making healthy fast food choices; Tips for controlling high blood pressure; Tips for exercising on the road; Warning signs for both heart attacks and strokes.

04.19.13 April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month!
Did you know that your brain can miss seeing 50% of your driving environment when you talk on a cell phone? And that drivers talking on cell phones had slower reaction times than drivers with .08 blood alcohol content?

04.12.13 April 15-19th is National Work Zone Awareness Week
Ten tips offered for driving safely in work zones.

04.05.13 Are Your Drivers Using the Wrong GPS?
The right GPS for Commercial Motor Vehicles contains trip info car GPS units do not.  FMCSA has created a visor card that can be downloaded which identifies the right GPS for trucks and buses and their correct use.  Also, ways the route can cause accidents and tips how truck and bus drivers can prevent damage due to incorrect route.

03.29.13 FMCSA Adamant Hours Of Service Regulations Will Take Effect July 1st
Though a federal appeals court is hearing a challenge to the new Hours Of Service rule, this court case could take time.  FMCSA will enforce July 1. Info on the 34 Hour Restart Change and the required 30 Minute Break after 8 Hours rule.  Also, info about Roadcheck North America, the largest targeted enforcement program for commercial vehicles from June 4th to June 6th.

03.22.13 The Importance of Driver Recognition & Incentive Rewards
Driver recognition and incentive rewards have been proven to improve safety.  Example shown of Ace Hardware driver who has been accident-free in over thirty years of driving tractor trailers for Ace.

03.15.13 Prescription Drugs and Commercial Motor Vehicle Operation Do Not Always Mix
Talk to your drivers to be aware of their physical condition and of any prescribed drugs.  Also, make sure your driver’s doctor knows the driver operates a commercial motor vehicle.  Contact you Medical Review Offer for assistance in reviewing prescription medication.

03.08.13 FMCSA Regulations re Inquiries Required For Hiring Drivers
What inquiries and investigations are required to be completed, by FMCSA regulations, for a driver who has applied to drive a commercial motor vehicle for a motor carrier?  Answer: three types – 1) Motor Vehicle Record, 2) Past Employment, 3) Drug & Alcohol Inquiry.

03.01.13 Refrigeration and Food Safety
The FDA is proposing a plan and has pushed for new legislation called the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which calls for changes in how America handles refrigerated cargo in the interests of increased safety.  Also offered, a discussion about the lack of capacity, or number of refrigerated units available and Idealease’s role in helping solve that problem.

02.22.13 New Hours of Service Regulation Changes Effective July 1, 2013…Maybe!!!
Final rule changes on 34 hour restarts and rest breaks are due to become effective on July 1st, but there are legal challenges.  Also, FMCSA has made available ‘Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide To Hours of Service. FMCSA has also granted exemptions concerning hearing for forty commercial drivers.

02.15.13 Right Of Way – FMCSA Definition & Tips
How the FMCSA defines ‘right of way’ in the accident countermeasure program; what you should ask yourself about your drivers; and tips for drivers concerning right of way.

02.08.13 Do You Have A Career Path For Your Employees?
There’s not a week that goes by without someone asking what they can do to recruit new drivers and diesel technicians? In today’s employment environment, if you are not actively working to retain your employees, someone else is actively recruiting them from you!

02.01.13 Markings Of A Commercial Vehicle
Marking requirements for Commercial Vehicles. Also, statistics concerning drug testing results among truck drivers.

01.25.13 Seat Belt Usage
Statistics about the effectiveness and need for seat belt usage are presented. Nine myths about seat belt usage and why mandatory usage should be part of your firms’ policy.

All motor carriers operating commercial motor vehicles over 10,000 lbs transporting hazardous materials or passengers are required to record accidents on a register by calendar year.  The strict definition of an accident is supplied.  Also, eight tips to prevent overhead damage using trucks are provided.  The 2013 Safety Seminar Schedule is also presented.

FMCSA Rulemaking Agenda for 2013 – Proposed rules under the following headings: Electronic On-Board Recorders; Carrier Safety Fitness Standards; Unified Registration System; CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse; Diabetes Standard; Entry-Level Driver Training.  Also provided: 24 dates/locations around the country for the 2013 Safety Seminar Schedule.  Lastly, a reminder your firm may be required to post an OSHA Form 330A for the year 2012.

Registration online is available for Idealease Safety Seminars in 2013.  Twenty five locations across the U.S. are listed by date.  Also, tips on preparing your terminal facility for the holiday weekends when break-ins frequently occur.

Specific answers are provided to the question: “How long do I have to keep records and documents that are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?”  Answers are provided for multiple categories including: Driver Qualifications, Drug & Alcohol Testing Records, Accident Records, and more.  Also: “Do you have a proactive or reactive safety and loss control program?”  Fourteen essential elements are provided.

A few tips are offered about driving in the proximity of a snow plow.  Six tips for Holiday driving.  Ten tips about truck operation in and through a parking lot.  Lastly, what the FMCSA and the Department of Transportation says about recreational use of marijuana.

Winter driving tips – vehicle and driver!  Thirteen specific tips for the driver to prepare for winter driving. Nine tips for maintaining and preparing the vehicle for winter driving. Plus, a reminder of the ‘3-points of contact rule’ about entering and exiting a truck.

This is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week!  Read the warning signs of drowsiness and fatigue plus tips to stay alert while driving.

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) is making changes to the SMS (Safety Measurement System).  The FMCSA is urging carriers to look at the new SMS Preview between now and July 30th to see how they stand with the new results and give them feedback for change, if necessary.  Two website links are provided.  Also, info on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, results of the Brake Safety Week and 12 suggestions for drivers to decrease parking lot accident exposure.

Make sure your drivers know to ‘fall back’ to standard time.  Also, how drivers can impact tire cost and tire safety.

Regulations pertaining to alcohol consumption and driving a commercial motor vehicle are defined.  Four categories are provided to help identify a drunk driver on the road.

Driver sight and vision of the road and surroundings is instrumental to safe operation.  A number of tips for driving in low visibility conditions and in the rain are provided.

Fall is here and winter driving is just around the corner.  Thirteen steps to take in preparing for winter driving conditions.  Also provided, ten tips for preparing your vehicle for winter driving.

Tis’ Deer Season!  Ten tips to prevent collisions with deer and other animals.  Also, FMCSA rulemaking deadlines extended.

A link is provided so that the regulations about reflective sheeting on mud flaps and other areas of the truck can be reviewed.  Oct 14-20 is National Drug-Free Work Week 2012.  A link is provided so more can be learned about promoting drug-free operation.  This week is also Operation Safe Driver Week.  Drivers can expect stepped-up enforcement and roadside inspections.

Oct 7-13 is National Fire Prevention Week.  What drivers should know about fire and fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher requirements.  When a fire occurs in a commercial motor vehicle, the 8 steps a driver should take. Lastly, 6 steps that should be taken to prevent the likelihood of a fire.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week starts 9/17/12.  There are over 3.5 million truck drivers logging 432 billion miles and delivering 10.7 billion tons of freight per year, 69% of total U.S. freight.  Enrolling in state and national association driver award programs is highly recommended.

September 9-15 is Brake Safety Week!  Six safety tips for drivers.

Improvements to the CSA program including proposed changed to the Agency’s Safety Management System website.  A list of eleven SMS improvements are provided.

One out of 6 people suffer from food-borne illness each year.  The Food Safety Modernization Act is discussed, including the fact the the most significant threat to the food supply is from lack of effective temperature control during transportation.  A list of loading and delivery best practices is provided.

FMCSA issues final rule on medical examiner certification. Also, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!

June 309 is National Tire Safety Week. Now is the time to be safe and save.  Is there a way to tell the age of a tire? When is a tire place out of service?

April is National Distracted Driving (Awareness) Month.  What is distracted driving? An employer’s guide to protect employees and company liability. Cell phone ban (non-hands free) in CMV now in place.

Answers to questions concerning the training necessary to entry level drivers just obtaining a CDL license.  Also, the definition of an entry level driver and proposed rule changes to entry level driver training regulations.

The Driver’s Daily Inspection is part of a driver’s daily responsibility to protect themselves, the motoring public and the equipment they operate.

Spring and warmer weather are here!  Drivers often let their guard down in Spring conditions..don’t let them.  Also, ten tips for drively safely in construction work zones.

The Driver’s Daily Inspection is part of a driver’s daily responsibility to protect themselves, the motoring public, and the equipment they operate.  Tips and recommendations for both pre- and post-trip inspections.

PSP, Pre-Employment Screening, is designed to assist the motor carrier industry in assessing individual operators’ crash and serious safety violation history by making it available for an inexpensive subscription and fee per each requested history.  It’s a voluntary program that was initiated at the same time as CSA 2010 and so was a bit overshadowed.  Also, what inquiries into a driver’s past history are required by FMCSA regulations?

Winter Is NOT Over Yet!  Weeks remain in which significant wintry events could still occur. Some states have enacted laws that require removal of snow accumulated on their vehicles.  Thirty-five percent of truck drivers have experienced an incident in which snow or ice falling from their vehicle resulted in an injury of some sort with a high percentage of these resulting in insurance claims.  Plus, eleven ‘Safe Winter Driving Tips’, and more.

Tire Safety is an important part of the driver’s daily pre- and post-inspection.  Make sure you pay attention to tread depth as well as inflation pressure and integrity of the tire.  ATA (American Trucking Association) is suing to overturn the new hours-of-service rule. FMCSA to issue a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Electric On Board Recording Devices, and more.

A Driver Recognition Award Program will reward your company.  A case is also made for monetary Driver Incentive Awards.  The safe, 3-Point Rule in getting in and out of a truck. Safe travel around snow plows. 

Mirrors: A reflection of safety.  Numerous tips on the use and adjustment of mirrors. Example of a useful safety exercise.  March registration sites for Safety Seminars.  One is coming up here in Michigan on May 2nd!  More to follow.

New medical certification requirements with a link to state by state requirements.  Clarification on Medical Review Officers and contacting physicians with questions.  FMCSA to issue clarification of ‘tank vehicle’ definition.  Anti-idling law update. 

For those of you who are responsible for compliance with the FMCSA regulations “cross referencing” of data should be a common occurrence in your safety program.  Seven examples of data that should be so referenced.  Links provided to FMCSA Releases Fact Sheets on CSA Basics which explain the CSA initiative.

Time to finalize an accident registration list for the calendar year as required for all motor carriers operating commercial motor vehicles over 10,000 lbs MGVWR.  Also, definition of an accident, and the content required per accident on the register.  Also: Have you prepared your terminal facility for the holidays?

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has released final hours of service rules, including retaining the 11 hour driving limit.  Other aspects of the rule covers 30 minute breaks, 34 hour restart, weekly on-duty limits, the 14 hour driving window, and more.

List of holiday driving tips.  FMCSA ban on truckers using hand-held cell phones becomes effective on January 3, 2012.  Random testing rates for drug and alcohol testing remain the same in 2012.

What’s in the cabs of your trucks?  A review of FMCSA regulations regarding items in the windshield, unauthorized passengers, window tinting, televisions, alcohol, drugs & controlled substances, firearms and radar detectors.  Also, as of January 3rd, 2012, interstate truck drivers are banned from using handheld cell phones!

Idealease, its affiliates and the National Private Truck Council will be hosting safety seminars throughout the country in 2012.  Idealease of Detroit/Flint is planning on hosting its Safety Seminar on May 2nd, 2012 at a location still to be determined.  Also, a reminder to keep three points of contact when exiting a truck, given winter and slippery conditions.  Also, a reiteration of the ban on alcholoic beverages within 4 hours of operating commercial motor vehicle.

Communicating with other drivers and pedestrians using proper procedures can greatly reduce the risk of an accident.  Included are tips for the safe and proper use of turn signals, emergency signals, horn, and headlights for this purpose. 

Seventy people died last year in 511 collisions between trains and large trucks.  The ProDriver Safety Challenge is an online interactive safety education training tool your drivers can use to become more educated on the dangers of railroad crossings.  Also, tips for avoiding collisions with trains, and tips on the dangers of and navigating parking lots in the holiday season.