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New and Proposed FMCSA 

Regulation Update!


Driver HOS-30-Minute Break 

  • Exception from log book and 30-minute break rule for drivers under 100-mile (all drivers) or 150-mile (non-CDL) radius exceptions
  • Driver must stay within radius and be dismissed from

    normal work reporting location within 12 hours to be exempt
  • If driver fails to meet conditions for unforeseen reasons, new FMCSA guidance says no violation of 30-minute break rule; must complete log and take break as soon as driver knows exception not available

Driver HOS-34-Hour Reset

  • House bill (H.R. 3413) would require GAO to analyze FMCSA Regulatory Impact Analysis on 34-hour restart, including once a week requirement and two periods of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • One-year for GAO study; FMCSA could not enforce 34-hour changes until 6 months after GAO analysis completed
  • Senate bill (S. 1891) introduced by Sens. Ayotte (NH), Johanns (NE)

Hair Testing Legislation

  • Bills in House (H.R. 3403), Senate (S. 1625) would direct HHS to allow testing of hair samples in addition to urine testing to comply with DOT drug testing procedures
  • Illegal drugs generally stay in hair longer than in urine; no effective adulterant for drugs in hair follicles
  • Bills are supported by a coalition of large motor carriers, ATA
  • No movement yet in Congress

Medical Card Implementation Delay

  • On January 14, FMCSA stated that drivers must keep paper copy of medical cards with them until January 30, 2015
  • Drivers must have medical cards available for roadside inspections
  • Carriers must keep copy of medical card in DQ file
  • Several states unable to meet Jan. 2014 deadline to post driver medical status electronically on CDLIS

Electronic Logging Proposal

  • FMCSA to publish supplemental proposed rule to mandate adoption of ELDs by all carriers in interstate commerce (except short-haul drivers); phase-in within 2 years after effective date of final rule
  • Supplemental NPRM now scheduled for publication in Federal Register by end of January 2014; final rule in 2014/5
  • Sent to OMB on August 7, 2013; clearance in next few weeks?
  • Will consider anti-harassment requirement, technical specifications, supporting documents

Drug/Alcohol Test Database 

  • New rule would create online database for positive drug and alcohol test results for CDL drivers (and refusals to submit to tests)
  • Would require carriers to report positive tests and refusals into the database
  • Prospective employers could query the database (with written permission from driver) re applicant's testing record
  • NPRM expected January 2014; sent proposal to OMB on March 26, 2013; clearance this month?

Entry Level Driver Training

  • 2007 proposed rule was withdrawn by FMCSA because benefits could not be calculated
  • Congress mandated new final rule by July 2013; FMCSA did not meet this deadline; nothing in FMCSA agenda on NPRM dates
  • MCSAC has been tasked with advising agency on regulatory standards for curriculum, hours, cost-benefit data; recommendations expected but not yet in docket

Diabetes Standard

  • New proposed rule would amend regulations to allow driver with insulin-treated diabetes to operate CMV without a waiver
  • Current standards require case-by-case applications and approvals
  • NPRM now expected late 2014; to be sent to OST for review in July 2014

Speed Limiters

  • New joint FMCSA/NHTSA proposed rule would require use of speed limiters on all Class 7 and 8 CMVs
  •  Response to Petition from ATA and Road Safe America requesting rulemaking (65 mph)
  • Joint rule would affect new and used equipment
  • Draft NPRM returned to NHTSA in April 2013; expected to be published in Federal Register in June 2014
  • Joint proposal to go to OMB in early 2014

DVIR Withdrawal

  •  New proposed rule published August 7, 2013 would eliminate requirement to create and retain driver vehicle inspection reports when no defects are noted by driver
  • Final rule expected by November 2014
  • Inspection requirements would be unchanged
  • Only 5% of inspections note defects
  • Administration estimates savings of $1.7 billion annually

Carrier Safety Fitness Standard

  • New proposed rule would establish standards for carrier safety fitness evaluations to replace the current rating system ("satisfactory, unsatisfactory, conditional")
  • To use CSA scores as a basis for ratings; but CSA under reevaluation by FMCSA/MCSAC
  • NPRM to be resent to OST for review in March 2014; to be published in Fed. Reg. in August 2014, pending court decisions

The above regulation update information provided by Rick Schweitzer General Counsel of the National Private Truck Council

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